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Statistics calculator

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First step
Upload your CSV File by hitting the button present in the left side panel.

Statistics App

Second step
Review your data in the spreadsheet table.

Statistics software

Third step
Select the variables that interest you.

online statistics software

Fourth step
Press the perform analysis button to perform the analysis of your interest.

Statistics Simple

Online Statistics Calculator

If you want to calculate online? The Sigma Stats calculator is simple and uncomplicated! Here you can find a list of all implemented methods!

Correlation Analysis Covariance Analysis t-testPaired Sample t-testUnpaired t-testDescriptive StatisticsMean, Median & Mode CalculatorChi-Square Testing

Create charts online with Sigma for Data Analysis

Create your charts for your data directly online and uncomplicated. To do this, insert your data into the table under Charts and select which chart you want.

Create charts online
 Create charts online

The advantages of Sigma App

Statistics, as simple as never before.

Statistics, as simple as never before.

Sigma App is a modern statistics software, with unique user-friendliness. Statistical analyses are done with just a few clicks, so Sigma App is perfect for statistics beginners and for professionals who want more flow in the user experience.

Directly in the browser, fully flexible.

Directly in the browser, fully flexible.

Directly in the browser, fully flexible. Sigma App works directly in your web browser. You have no installation and maintenance effort whatsoever. Wherever and whenever you want to use Sigma App, just go to the website and get started.

All the statistical methods you need.

All the statistical methods you need.

Sigma App offers you a wide range of statistical methods. We have selected the most central and best known statistical methods for you and do not overwhelm you with special cases.

Practical Auto-Assistant.

Practical Auto-Assistant.

Sigma App takes you by the hand in the world of statistics. When making statistical decisions, such as the choice of scale or measurement level or the selection of suitable methods, Auto-Assistants ensure that you get correct results quickly.

Charts, simple and clear.

Charts, simple and clear.

With Sigma App data visualization is fun! Here you can easily create meaningful charts that optimally illustrate your results.

Online survey very simple.

Online Report very simple.

Sigma App offers you the possibility to easily create an online report, which you can then evaluate immediately with Sigma App.

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